Math – Our 350+ students’ math skills are roughly 3 years more advanced than those of their public school peers. They can identify numbers, count, and add & subtract. Some students can even do basic multiplication! By using manipulatives (e.g. pebbles) to learn math, students come to understand at a fundamental level the relationships between numbers.

Language – Classes are taught in both English and a local language, a bilingual experience which prepares students for primary school. Through phonics exercises, learning vocabulary through interactive activities, and practicing writing short words, students gain crucial pre-reading and speaking skills. Primary school teachers who have received our “alumni” have said that they are among the best communicators in their classes.

Social & Emotional Development – Our students learn to share and communicate respectfully with peers & adults. Evidence shows that people who develop discipline and “self-monitor” at a young age are more successful later in life.

Capacity & Employment – Through 30 plus teacher professional development workshops we have led for public school teachers, we have reached 600 teachers and their 24,000 students. In addition, we have developed the skills of and offered a livelihood to our 30 employees, which benefits their families & communities.